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The Mapogo brothers coalition became infamous for their sheer power and strength in taking over and dominating an area of approximately 170,000 acres with unusual brutal methods (even for lion standards).


It is believed the Mapogos killed in excess of 80 lions and cubs in a little over a year at the height of their reign. 


At its peak, the coalition consisted of six males: the leader Makulu, Rasta, Scar, Pretty Boy, Kinky Tail and Mr. T. BUT the internal functions were bumpy and riddled with internal competition particulary between Mr. T, Kinky Tail with their half brother Makulu.


The coalition split into 2 smaller coalitions with Kinky Tail and Mr. T moving out to the coalition's eastern territory and Makulu, Rasta, Scar and Pretty Boy staying in the west. There was an overlap region among the two territories, and the two coalitions occasionally met up with most interactions being friendly; however, it was clear that the two coalitions had very distinct regions and most likely wouldn't reform in the foreseeable future.


Kinky tail and Mr T reigned together until kinky tails murder by the younger Majingilane brothers. Mr T ran to his rescue but was quickly outnumbered and escaped with his life before returning to his brothers in the west. Kinky tail and Mr T were nicknamed 'satan lions' by the park rangers due their particular thirst for blood and agression. Rangers considered culling the brothers due to the destruction they were placing on the ecosystem but kept their lives when the 'will of nature' prevailed in vote.


There is a film documentary I really recommend you watching called  'Brothers in blood: The Lions of Sabi Sands' to get the full story!


I chose to paint Mr T and Kinky tail due to them being the most agressive and fearless out of the 6 brothers!



This is an unframed print which arrives tube rolled. This is a giclee Fine Art print created with a 12 inkjet printer, meaning it is the exact repliacte of the original. It is printed onto a high quality artistico fabriano 300 gsm 30% deckled edge cotton paper. This print is an closed edition of 20 prints which are numbered, handsigned and handfinsished with 24 ct gold. 


What is a Giclee print?

I only offer giclée fine art prints, because they’re the highest quality prints available. I want my clients to have the most beautiful print possible of my artwork, and one that will stand the test of time. If you walk into a gallery or museum, they will only offer these types of prints. 


What these prints aren't:

Cheaper digital prints use 4 dye-based inks. The smaller number of colours means colours are reproduced with less precision and colour matching is an approximate. The colours in high street commercial prints will fade over time and the paper will change colour over the years, unless you keep them in a box or away from the light.



84.1 cm x 118.9 cm or 33.1 inches x 46.8 inches



Ships mid-April by Royal Mail or DPD. We ship worldwide.


Care & Returns:

  • Please keep the print out of direct sunlight and frame under acrylic or glass protection to avoid pigment degeneeration. 
  • Please take care of the print when removing it from the packaging, ensure your hands are clean and use a light hand.
  • If damage occurs, simply return it to us within 30 days for a replacement or full refund. Please provide photograghs of the damage both to the print and packaging to

The Mapogo Brothers

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