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Select a reference photo you would like to use. This can be of anything i.e pets, animals etc. If you would like multiple subjects, I can also work off multiple photographs.


Measure your wall and see which size is most adequate for your space. Artworks start at 60x60cm.


Lets discuss if you'd like the artwork to be landscape or portrait. We can discuss where about it will be hanged and how you'd like the subject angled in correspondence to the room.


Colour matching to your space will require photo's of your interior palette. Photo's could be of furniture, walls and accessories that tie your room together. Alternatively feel free to choose a selection of colours you love and discuss with Danielle.

Example 1:
My client wanted a 70x100cm canvas of a muntjac deer. The muntjac is a common appearance around her rural situated home. The grey background and bronze highlights needed to match her kitchen cabinets.

Example 2:
My client wanted a centre piece painted of his 2 stunning doberman girls, Binx and Roxy. Ben wanted a large 120x90cm canvas in bright colours. Ben sent over a range of high quality pictures and we decided to use this one due to the natural lighting and strong pose. I also included their names on their collar tags. This piece is now happily hanging in it's home in Norfolk, UK.

Example 3:
Ade wanted his 4 gorgeous gun dogs painted. Ade sent across a range of singular and group photographs of his pups. We decided the one on the beach was a strong pose and great lighting for all 4. This piece was decided to be in black and white on a 60x80cm canvas. This piece is now happily hanging in his home in the UK.