Danielle Tomlinson (b. 1998) is a British contemporary wildlife painter based in Leicestershire, UK.


Danielle's intuitive paintings feature layered washes and a variety of dynamic brush strokes, creating movement, energy and life through bold acrylic based pigments. Danielle pairs modern and contemporary approach with an ever evolving palette and method. Each original piece reflects a personal moment in time, in lieu of a daily journal. Each thought symbolised with an animal totem and recorded thoughts to her titles. Danielle feels this process is the best expression of self.


Full of inspiration, Danielle pairs reference photo’s with her own imagination to create a loose and energetic approach on some very traditional subject matters. Danielle's a city based upbringing and a sports background inspired the use of spray paints as a base to all her work.


Life is fun and full of excitement. I want all my paintings to stop people in their tracks and take a moment away from their screens to appreciate the wonderful world that surrounds us’.

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